Lessons learned while sitting in the stand

As we sat in the deer stand yesterday at a friend’s house I was able to let my thoughts run away.  NO clothes to wash, no dishes to put away, nothing to do but sit.  What a glorious thing – and incredibly rare for me.


As we sat and waiting for the afternoon to fade a bit, and hoping to spy some deer I was able to spend some time praying about our year.  I prayed for my boys as they each sat in a stand alone with their thoughts also.  I prayed for meetings that were on my calendar for later in the week.  I prayed that as we watched the birds fly about, and listened to the noises of nature that we would appreciate what we see daily, but so often fail to SEE.

While we hope to bring home meat after a hunt, I realize that what I love about hunting is the time to just sit.  To think.  To be with one of my boys and ask questions leading them to think a bit deeper.  I love to watch them struggle with patience.  To get restless and know they have to be still or there will not be anything to aim at.

The funny thing is that I struggled with patience too.  I struggled after about 90 minutes of stilling still – with not being able to do anything.  As the sun started to set, I suggested maybe it was time to head in, but our friend said to wait a bit longer.  And low and behold out walked 2 does.  Right in front of us.  They did not hang around long at all – I think they heard us, but after running away and making a loop they came right back with 3 more friends – we had one more chance!  Until the Buck shooed the away – yes, he came out and chased each one back into the woods.

So the Lord taught me many lessons yesterday in the cold deer stand.

1. to savor the moments with my boys – they are so fleeting.  Before too long they will be able to hunt without me.  Before too much longer after that they will be fathers hunting with their own boys.

2.  being still is a good thing.  Maybe not something I need to be all the time, but more of the time.

3.  patience takes us past where we want to be, and often brings unexpected rewards

4.  and finally God’s glory is all around us – we just need to slow enough to focus on it!

So cold or not, get out and grab a few minutes admiring God’s glory!

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