Book Review: Always on my Mind

Once you meet the Christiansen Family you will keep coming back for more!  Susan May Warren is writing a delightful series about the Christiansen Family.


Always on my Mind is the most recent story and it focuses on the middle son Casper.  The Christiansen Series launched with Take a Chance on Me when we meet the eldest Derek, check out my review HERE.  John & Ingrid are the parents of this large family with Casper as the middle boy and Owen as the youngest.  Grace and Eden are the sisters.  I review Evergreen {HERE} which is a winter novella about John & Ingrid’s story.

The elements that stood out most of all in this story was the growing up on Casper’s part, and the need to be loved and feel safe by Raina.  After nearly ruining Eden’s wedding in a fight with Owen over Raina, Casper takes off for Honduras to seek treasure.  He finally comes back to Deep Haven in time to realize that the love of his life Raina is about to deliver a baby!  As both Raina and Casper fully discover who they are and what really matters in life, the family is facing struggles of their own.

I love that these stories take place in Deep Haven, a place that will start to feel like home after a few of Susan’s novels.  I love how she weaves this town together and each story has a piece of the town.  Every now and then we get to see favorite characters appear from past stories, some not even in this series!

This story flew for me, I was able to spend a lazy day reading almost the entire thing, and was sad to reach the end.  I love the love that this family demonstrates from how they face challenges and celebrate successes.  I HIGHLY recommend this series, this story and just about anything else by Susan May Warren!!

NOTE : I received a copy of Always on My Mind in exchange for an honest review.

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