Hunting Fun

{Warning : there are photos of dead animals, view at your own risk – they are not gruesome, just dead}



What a weekend we had in the middle of January!  We were so blessed to be selected to participate in the WMA Hunt in honor of Jacob Krebs in Harper Texas!


Not only did my boys fill the freezer with 4 deer and an antelope, but my girl was fully introduced to all aspects of hunting, and we all enjoyed a weekend of family time together!






We loved hearing from the resident Veterinarian and as well the Wildlife Biologist who were on hand almost the entire time teaching the kids about aging the deer that came in, examining the deer for parasites and other things.

IMG_0072By the end of the weekend my boys were not only processing their own deer, they were helping others gut and skin theirs!  It was huge for them to step up like that!


We were able to hunt on the Fritze’s land and were so tickled to meet them and spend a few hours getting to know them!  They have a beautiful ranch and it is loaded with wildlife!


We loved watching the big bucks running around after a few does, as well as the fawns out with their mothers.  They had some amazing views, and we were thrilled to make new friends!!



This is the second year they have held the Jacob Krebs hunt, as he passed away less than two years ago.  Jacob Krebs was a high school senior who was planning to enter the Navy upon his graduation.  Determined to take the seal test at the same time, Jacob spent numerous hours at the local pool training for he test.  One day in April 2013 Jacob blacked out while at the pool alone, which resulted in his death.


Mary Krebs shared with all of us at the hunt that Jacob still lives on through his organ donation.  She encouraged all of us to sign up for that since Jacob was an avid organ donor, and his organs helped over 40 people around the country.


Being at this hunt is quite an experience.  To be surrounded by a community that is pouring into other kids is amazing.  To watch the Krebs family choose to give to the 21 hunters who came out for the weekend is inspiring.  I applaud the Krebs family, I cannot imagine their loss and pain from the death of Jacob, but I am in awe of them as they have turned their grief around and are giving to so many others!

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