Surprise Birthday Fun

So last fall, I started thinking about birthdays for this year.  About 18 months ago we celebrated my second son’s birthday with a surprise 11th birthday party here.  He was horrified as Robert pulled the truck down the driveway we knew because he slid down his seat to the floorboard!

But that was a while ago.  I decided it was time to have another fun year of Birthday celebrations.

So, last week, we went up for AG’s orthodontist appointment and told the kids we would picnic afterward.  I told them the duffle bags in the back seat were hand-me-downs to drop off a friend’s house.  They were CLUELESS!!

So after the orthodontist, I handed the first clue to E to read to the family.  It took us to the store to stock up on supplies for our BIG Adventure!

Next was a stop for lunch – another clue taking us to Torchy’s Tacos in Grapevine – we give it a double thumbs up!!


After lunch I handed them the final clue with three riddles – one for J E and AG.

J figured it out almost immediately – it took a minute for E and A – but before too long they were all cheering!

P then pointed out that we did not have bathing suits!!  Oh no!

Then, I revealed that the duffle bags were in fact all our clothes for our overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge!!


So much fun!!

We celebrated all three birthday (1 in Feb and 2 in April) as a family and we had an amazing time!!

IMG_1727The whole two days the kids just kept   telling me thank you and how great this was!

We did get a room that had a little kids area which they loved!!  The enjoyed some hot cocoa in bed with a banana as we waited for Daddy to wake up!

IMG_1717 IMG_1718  IMG_1720


This girl even went down almost all the slides!  With me or Robert or with a brother!  It was so fun to watch them buddy up and make deal with each other!



IMG_1729Happy Birthday to my three!!

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