Garden Fun!

The weather here has been beautiful, I feel bad for those in the northeast, as we bask in 70’s they are up to their hips in snow!


This year I decided to get serious about my garden starting in January.  So I started preparing a spot to raise seeds with lights.  I made my list of what I wanted to plant so I could start what I needed.

IMG_1750   IMG_1764 would not

And I have had a lot of good fortune so far!  My kale has come up, my herbs are working on getting bigger, my cabbage is already in the garden!!


I did cheat and get some starters from the store (green cabbage, cauliflower, and lettuce) but I put the rest of the starters that I started from seed!  I am so thrilled!


So we rigged up garage lights on each shelf.


Got some seed starter mix.  Then we put in the seeds and watered.  The most important part after getting lights is to keep the area moist.  Also, we did this in my laundry room where is it noticeably cooler than my house, so the transition to the outside   be as hard

So excited to have a jump on spring.  Now I want to mention that all the things I have moved outside are cold weather hardy and not going to die if we – okay really, when we get our cold snap.  We always get a cold snap in March and last year I lots tons of stuff after we had a mild early spring and I put lots of stuff out.  This year I will wait until after Easter – NO MATTER WHAT.


Next week we will get our potatoes in the ground – valentines day is the normal target for that.  Onions went in last week, and 25 strawberry plants too – and they are all doing great!!  The strawberry plants have started growing, and we are thrilled!!  Next project is to get the strawberry patched rabbit proof -as well as the garden!!  Sneaky rabbits love my starters!!


That is about it for our news!!  Loving the warm temps for working in the garden!!  Can’t wait to be eating all this great stuff!!

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