What have we been up to?

A little of this….


Two new bottle calves that we are feeding.  Cody and Cooper – one will be a beef steer, the other is his buddy who we will sell when Cody goes to the processor.


Trying to get this boy behaving better!  Opie has been a handful!  He likes to do what he wants, and nothing more.  Hmmm?  Sounds like a few others who live here!!


This girl has had some orthodontics work done, an appliance in the top of her mouth making her mouth a bit bigger.  Now a few braces to turn some teeth and bring them closer.  She has been a champ about it!


We’ve got little hens in the laundry room – occasionally they sneak out of their brooder to see more of the world!  They are cute, but loud and stinky!!  But we will love their eggs in July!!


Here are some dead bees.  No good.  Robert was crushed!!  Oh well, off to get more!!

And finally


Snow men and snow ball fights – that is what February held for us!  The kids and the big Kid too – loved the snow and had some fun, me?  I hung out by the fire ready to make hot tea or cocoa!

That is what’s new around here – lots to come in the coming weeks with the garden!  Stay tuned!!

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