Book Review : Halo Found Hope.

When someone goes through something really hard, we can watch and learn as they navigate tough things.  We can equip ourselves to face hard things in the future as well.

The book Halo Found Hope is a story that will do all of that.

halo cover

Helo Matzelle is a woman, who at the young age of 46, happily married with three kids, found her self getting brain surgery for a tumor.  This eye opening account will not only highlight the commitment of her family and friends, but also her personal courage.  It also heightened my awareness of the fact that everyone is struggling with something, only most of the time we cannot see what it is.

I was very inspired by how Help (sounds like Halo) depended on the Lord through her trials and challenges.  Thinking she is going to go home after a 6 days recovery from her surgery, she had to find a peace with her rehab that would keep her in the hospital for many weeks more.

My favorite part of the book is when she is talking about her life as a handicapped person now.  She does not look handicapped.  However, one year after surgery she is still trying to navigate through normal life.  And after a very ugly confrontation she writes : “When someone mistreats you, look at it as a moment to grow in grace.  Keep your focus on God rather than on retaliating or saying something mean back.”  Honestly, that nuggets of truth applies in all of our lives whether we are facing physical issues, mental issues or simply life!

I enjoyed reading Helo’s very personal account of what happened to her.  I found a great deal of inspiration and many reasons to be thankful!  While this is a more serious book, I recommend it highly!


picHelo2Helouise “Halo” Matzelle led a charmed life until receiving a shocking diagnosis in 2011 of a rare brain tumor sitting over the main artery in her brain. Matzelle’s passion is helping those who face various challenges and afflictions discover where true hope is found. She resides in Redmond, WA, with her husband and their three children.

{Words from Helo}

I came out of this challenging journey, renewed…wanting every one to know how God alone can embrace us with His perfect love, comfort and affection. He knows how to meet you wherever you are.

God is always near. When we don’t know how to be brave, He never leaves us. There is nothing to fear. Sometimes we walk hard paths, but when we hand our battles to Him, we find comfort in knowing that He has gone ahead of us and will never leave our side.

I held on for dear life. Miracles unfolded. This story is God’s—not mine. Sometimes I got frustrated while trying to find my new normal. At times I felt afraid and alone, but that was not reality. It was just me and God. In solitary moments in His presence, I found comfort, peace, and tranquility like never before. When you realize that every single breath you take is a gift from God, how imperfect you are, how perfect God’s affection is—you find hope. Life becomes beautiful and complete.

Find out more about Helo at

NOTE :  I was offered a copy of Halo Found Hope, by Litfuse in exchange for an honest review.

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