Volunteer Time

We have been busy as bees lately!!


My oldest has recently taken over the management of the Observation Hive at the East Texas Arboretum!  I am so excited for him to take on this responsibility and I’m looking forward to him watching him work with the Arboretum staff and the East Texas Beekeepers Association (ETBA) board.


So, today we went out to clean the hive before we get the bees to repopulate it.  We took off the outside frame, took out the glass sides to scrape and clean, then we removed all the frames to check for Hive Moths.  Next week we hope to bring in a new hive of bees so the observation hive will be useful again for teaching!


Once we got that taken care of we went off the the church, to meet up with the volunteers of FIAO (Faith in Action Outreach) to help receive the produce drop that happens once a month.


The first Tuesday of the month at the Produce Drop anyone can come up and get a share of vegetables – it is completely free and not only for those in need.

IMG_2597  IMG_2605

The food comes from the East Texas Food Bank and it is quite a deal!  So the kids and I, along with my mom and Louie went up to help bag up food and hand it out!  We thoroughly enjoyed working with many friends from church and the food pantry – but the sweetest part was getting 100lb of tomatoes to bring home!!  Can you saw Homemade Salsa & Canned Tomatoes!!  Can’t wait to can tomorrow morning until we are exhausted!  Should help replenish the canning pantry!!

IMG_2601 IMG_2602

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