I think it is interesting how this world is full of messages that contradict everything.  I mean, I live in a very conservative part of this world.  We homeschool, so we are home a lot (ok, well some).  We serve in our community with a local elementary school once a week, food pantry occasionally, at church often.  But you can see, all conservative places.

We attend church regularly.  We listen to podcasts of sermons from a North Carolina a lot.

And I subscribe to several blogs (probably too many) from Paleo recipes to homeschooling.

And yet, I find myself bombarded with contradictory messages.  The one that set me off this morning is “5 Tips to plan the best summer ever.” UGH.

I mean, honestly it is probably a perfectly good blog post, but does every single thing in my life have to be the best ever?  I mean what is wrong with a lazy summer?  Sitting around enjoying the fishing at our pond?  Picking berries from our fences?  Harvesting grapes that grow wild on our road?  Do I really need a plan?  5 steps. Does it have to be the best ever?  And what if spending time together enjoying life instead of running is really the secret to the best?

Maybe I am just in a minimalist season because we are going so fast from beehive maintenance, to garden lessons all while I am trying to lay our the freshman year of high school (homeschooling) for my boys.  Maybe I realize that I don’t have too many summers with all my children under my roof, not to mention one will be gone for 5 weeks this summer (and thus it begins).  So maybe to me down time together = great/perfect/ideal/the best?

Now I am a planner, don’t get me wrong.  I like to have a plan or schedule but aren’t there more important things in life than a list of to-dos for my summer?  I’d love  a few days where we have nothing to do.  No to do list from a big master plan for the summer.  Just days to play.  And I don’t need to plan to play, relax, enjoy the Texas summer (ha ha).

I think we are driving ourselves crazy sometimes.  And today, as I need to can 100lbs of tomatoes, I have decided no plan for this summer.  Just fun.  Well, if you consider a trial run of Biology fun, and math – yeah.  School.  But honestly we love school, and why not knock some school out this summer so we can take breaks when we have perfect Texas weather and not 120 degrees!

So here is my perfect 2 step plan for the best our summer

1. do a little school

2. enjoy my time.

Ahhh.  So much better.

2 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. I agree completely! I don’t know that there was ever any “planning” for my summers as a kid, but Iv got some lovely summer time memories of all those unplanned moments:-)

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