Rocks will cry out

Recently someone suggested that we should hold in what God is doing in our lives so that he can work it deeper, and in order for the rocks to cry out.

I have been thinking about this suggestion for a few days now, and as God has been working very actively in my life I cannot help but share what he has been doing!!

           He answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”

First, in Luke 19:40 Jesus is telling  the Pharisee’s that if his followers did not proclaim his good works, the rocks would cry out.  This is during his triumphal entry into Jerusalem commonly known as Psalm Sunday.

So as the person suggested that we should hold in what is happening so that the rocks will cry out, I just think that is not the point.  We are to proclaim what God is doing, if we don’t someone will.  When we share what God is doing in our lives we can hope that is inspires or encourages someone else!

So recently when I was contacted by our extension office asking if my boys were last minute sellers of raffle tickets I thought it a bit strange.  However, it turns out that my youngest son was the seller of the winning raffle ticket and this sweet lady wanted to give him something.  So after a few emails, a few phone calls and a short wait Carolyn arrived at my house and told us what a blessing the prize was for her, a $8000 four-wheeler.  She is older and loves on 16 acres and uses it daily.  So great to hear a story like that!  What makes it even sweeter is that she then handed him a brand new $100 bill!

That morning my husband went out to check a wild swarm of bees at the Arboretum.  We had recently taken over the management of the East Texas Arboretum observation beehive.  After cleaning it out in preparation of the new hive we were going to put into it, a wild swarm took up residence.  So Robert excitedly headed out to gather these busy bees to bring home into a hive box here.  And we decided that Eli was the new owner of these bees if they decided to stay.

After getting that crisp $100 he quickly asked if he could order a bee suit with it!  So what an amazing praise!  A gracious thank you for selling the winning ticket, free bees (they are normally between $125 -$150 for a hive), and a new bee suit for a new beekeeper!

God is so good, and honestly this is just one of the many stories I could share about how he is watching over us and blessing us!  I love that!

So, personally I am not going to hold onto what God is doing and hide it – I am going to cry out and share how he is working in our family!!  Those rocks will have to find some where else to cry out, I’m going to do plenty of crying out around here!

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