Book Review : Tattered and Mended

When I first got my hands on this book, Tattered and Mended, by Cynthia Ruchti, I was not sure what it was going to be about.  Obviously this book is for all of us that have been wounded in some way, and really, who has not?


When we think of wounded so often we think of the people who lost so much.  Wounded souls are not always that severe though, sometimes they are simply hurt, damages, mistreated.

So as I read through Ms. Ruchti’s new book about the art of healing, I realized that so many of us never take the time to heal our wounds.  Instead of really taking them to the Lord to allow him to real and restore them, we wear them like badges, bring them up in conversation like the news, and carry them around like a disattached appendage.

Ms. Ruchti takes the reader through many different artistic venues to demonstrate just how we can follow those forms of art and learn how to heal the wounds of our very own soul, in the end making them more valuable.

My favorite chapter of Tattered and Mended was the Quilt Restoration.  As someone who sews, I love to sew new things from new fabric.  I also enjoy mending and repurposing items though!  So the idea of restoring a damaged quilt resonates with me, to find that blanket full of memories and repair it to see more memory making days is something I could get excited about.  In the same chapter the author shares a physical struggle she faced that lasted almost a year and a half.  The same struggle my good friend still deals with almost daily : Lyme.  Looking at Lyme from Ms. Ruchti’s perspective of how God restored her was insightful and hopeful for me.

I enjoyed this sweet book, it is not a book you will want to sit and read at one time, it is best enjoyed while meandering along. Hearing the truths Cynthia Ruchti shares in the pages and allowing those truths to sink into yourself deeply – that is how this book should be enjoyed!  I recommend this book for everyone, because again, how many of us are not wounded in some way?

NOTE:  I received a copy of Tattered and Mended in exchange for an honest review.

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