Book Review : Girl in the Song

Every once in a while I read a book that changes me.  I have read a number of them, but it is certainly not most of them.  The book Girl in the Song is a book that will stay with you, and might have a profound change in you.

girl in the song

Chrissy Cymbala Toledo wrote Girl in the Song – and she very intimately shares her struggle as a young woman.  As I read her book it really impacted me, made me really think about why she was making those choices.  Not all of us have made the same choices as her, but we have walked a parallel path – and made bad choices over and over again knowing how bad they were.

Seeing God’s hand in her life was so encouraging to me as a mom also.  I realize as her parents had to step back at one point in time, that they never gave up on her or on God and how he was working in her life.  cymbala

As soon as I finished this book I started telling my oldest the basic story – he is 14 and I was not ready for him to get into the details of Chrissy’s book – however since talking this past week I realize he is not the little boy I may have thought he was.  I will be having him read her story so we can talk about it.  The transparency that Chrissy writes with is so healthy, and being able to talk about her choices and the lies she believed might prepared him on some level for what he will be facing as he keeps growing up!

I really loved this book, do not get me wrong, it is not a happy, light hearted book.  Chrissy takes you deep into the devil’s lies and methods, and into her sinful choices.  But wow – the redemption that is also highlighted is inspiring.  To see how Chrissy’s church family was just that, her family through thick and thin, reminds me how we should be to those in our church family.

I highly recommend this book, not for a specific reason other than, it will speak to you.  If you are walking away from God it will speak about that and maybe change your choices, if you are where you should be it might help you see others in a different light who are struggling.  This book is for everyone.  It is powerful and convicting and encouraging all at the same time!

I was so thankful to win a copy of this book, and hope to share it with many friends and family members!!  Thank you to Chrissy who wrote from her heart and opened her life to us!!

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