Farm Update

Peek a boo!!  It’s Amaryllis peeking around at me, with Echo (Echinacea) wondering what she is doing!DSC_0223


The summer has flown by here – crazy how fast time is
going, how fast my kids are growing and how we can not find much time to rest!!

Baby goats started arriving last week – we had a baby doeling (girl) on Monday, she is a Nubian and looks like a perfect blend of her momma and daddy!!  She loves to have her neck scratched and to snuggle with us!!  Her momma is giving us almost a half gallon of milk every day and we are about to start making cheese, ice cream, and yogurt, along with drinking this yummy milk!!


On Wednesday a little buckling arrived, a little boy and he is a Nigerian Dwarf.   He will become a whether here before too long (castrated) and we will raise him to serve on the dinner table in the future.  Yes we do eat what we raise sometimes!!  His name is Frank (he is the 6th baby we have had here and we go in alphabetical order).  The kids name the boys, and he is Frank after Frankfurter – food!  He is super sweet and cute as a button!!


Our doeling is Echinacea and we call her Echo.  Our girls are also in that alphabetical order, but they are named after flowers.  Next if G – not sure what it will be!!  But we are hoping for two more batches of babies!!


Our boy Opie came home this week.  Jacob and I trekked out to get a final lesson on him and bring him home.  We brought home a completely different horse!  We got some spurs to help encourage him to listen – and we are all learning to communicate well with each other!!  We are both excited to see how well he listens and how much fun we get to have with him!


Jacob finally got to rid him a bit – I am so glad he likes Opie now and is helping me work him!!

Our turkeys are gone.   The raccoon got one of them, and our sweet Digory got the other.  Digory now lives in Arlington with some great friends and the raccoon was caught and killed yesterday!  The other two turkeys were processed and one is in the freezer and the other we enjoyed after smoking!  Not too bad.


We’ve added a few rabbits too – and two kids will be showing them next month at the East Texas State Fair – so that is fun!  The rabbits are really easy, just food, water, and shade is all they need.  The kids are enjoying learning about them and getting to know them!


We have a bunch of new chickens here too, some black, and blue Marans.  The problem is we are not getting the eggs we think we should.  Every so often we smell something bad – and find a stash of rotten eggs, or we egg hunt in the barn and find some there.  Today we were re-arranging our coop, changing the yard to another side of our coop to help keep them in better (they were slipping through an hole).  So they all got out for a bit, but when it was time to round everyone up we were missing many!!  So after finding 6 in the barn behind the hay, with 30 eggs we knew we found the mother-lode!!  Oh my!  At least we know they can lay, and now that they cannot escape maybe we will start getting more eggs!!  We hope!


Not too much else going on animal wise.  We seem to be staying busy but still find time to snuggle baby goats and offer Opie a scratch when we can!!

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