Goat Milk Fun

Oh my goodness we are loving out goat milk!!


We are drinking it, making smoothies, making a soft chess and recently we made Mozerella and Ricotta!!  Oh my!!

We are loving these sweet girls!

Here as a few pics of our mozzarella – who knew it only takes a few hours to turn milk into cheese!!  We loved our dinner of Eggplant Parmesan (more like lasagna) with our fresh cheese!! ( I forgot to get a pic of the final log of mozzarella that we sliced for our dinner – but it looked like the stuff from the store!)

IMG_3922 IMG_3924

Here are my girls after getting milked, their babies trying to get their breakfast!!IMG_3930

We have been eating this yummy cheese on our eggs at breakfast, sprinkled on greens for lunch and over grilled chicken at dinner!!  We mixed some with a dried Kale spice blend and we loved it!!

I wanted a milk cow, but quickly realized that milk goats were the way to go with Eli’s Asthma issues, but I was still worried that milking goats every day would be a bit bothersome.  Honestly, I love milking in the mornings.  No matter how rushed my morning is milling takes the same amount of time.  I cannot rush it.  I have to slow down and just milk.  And for this type-A rush rush rush person, milking time is a time to take a deep breath, enjoy the calm barn and just milk my girls.  I love it!  It is almost therapy!!  But free, and I get milk!!

So come on by and try some fresh goat milk or cheese!!

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