My newest 13 year old

Sometimes when I have a second to think a thought I wonder how I got here.  Ever happen to you?

IMG_3879How do I have an almost 15 year old?  Or another who is just now 13?  Not to mention the other two right on their heels?  Time is flying by far too fast!!  Wow!!

Well, we celebrated my newest 13 year old this last two weeks – first with some sweet cupcakes at our East Texas Beekeepers Meeting and then with friends on Labor Day!


This boy – Peter – he is as sweet as he is cute!!  He is generally the first child out of his bed in the morning and I think he really loves milking goats with me.


Our latest adventure we are on is taking the Henderson County Master Gardener course!  We are loving it!!  I am so thrilled to see Peter excited about reading his book and doing his homework.  When he gets home he is quick to tell his brothers all about what we did and learned!  It is going to be so fun to get certified to be Master Gardeners and join many of our friends in serving the county!!


The other fun this boy did this week was taught a group of Kindergarteners at LaRue Elementary about Butterflies and then took the materials out to the garden at South Athens and taught about 300 more children Pre-K through 5th grade.


He is getting so comfortable teaching in front of people and I am seeing him improve more and more.     I love to see him teaching the little ones!  They love to listen to him and quickly become Peter fans!!  It is super sweet to watch!  God is going to do great things with this boy!!

IMG_3929 Happy Birthday Peter – we love you!!

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