South Athens Garden


Our first Thursday back in the garden was so fun!!  We enjoyed going to the garden each week over the summer, but it is so much more fun when the kids are there!!  Peter started off the year with plant parts and reminding the kids what we did last year.  They loved being outside, even if it was hot, and they were really good listeners.  We really enjoyed seeing the kids from last year and look forward to getting to know the new ones!!


This was our first year to grow corn – and the kids loved walking through the stalks.  We even learns about fungus that grows in the kernel if you do not buy good seed!!  It took a couple weeks to really track down the specific thing we had going on in the garden and it was Corn Smut – it is in bad seed and there is nothing you can do about it.  We did get some viable corn and plan to let the kids try it next week.  It was a fun project no matter what and we all learned something!!


We are trying to grow pumpkins as well.  This week we spied the male flowers, hoping to see some female ones with little fruit in the next week or two!


Here is Peter giving a tour to one of the classes.


And next is Susan (one of the Master Gardeners) showing the kids the radish that we were growing.  They got to sample radish this week and pickled peppers.


The kids love it and I love the experience my kids are getting, teaching and serving the children at South Athens Elementary School!

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