Book Review : Miracle Drug

I love books that grab hold of you and don’t let go!  The ones that tempt you to stay up all night to finish them, even though you just started them!  Even though you have to be up early to homeschool and shuttle your four people around.  Yes, those kinds of books.

miracle drug


I have always enjoyed reading Richard L. Mabry, M.D. books, but I think this might be my favorite of his!!  I loved it.  It was super fast paced.  The characters were strong and real – and incredibly likable.  The questions that kept popping up were enough to keep me wondering who was really the bad guy and who was the good guy?

Miracle drug is about the former US President getting infected with an unknown disease.  The questions that swirl around include, what disease, how can it be cured, and why did this happen.  Those questions keep rolling around until the very end. The doctor that tends to the sick patient is a dynamic character that balances saving his patient’s life well along with figuring out what is going on beyond the hospital room and how it is all connected.

There is a slew of supporting characters that bring a tremendous amount of depth to the story involving the secret service, the CDC and hospital operations.  If medical thrillers are a genre you enjoy, grab this book and hold on!  It will be everything you are hoping for!!  And a bonus?  It is a good clean story with strong Christian undercurrents, and a book that I can confidently pass on to my boys who love to read like me!  In fact, this book with be a great compliment to our biology studies this year!!

I love Dr. Richard L. Mabry, and I try to grab every one of his books I can and I loved Miracle Drug!

NOTE : I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

More about Miracle Drug:

The infection wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did.  The treatment was supposed to take care of it, but it didn’t.  Dr. Josh Pearson believes an experimental drug not yet approved by the FDA may be the antidote.  But there’s only one dose available for two patients:  the former president of the United States…and Josh’s fiance.

With the nation’s eyes on him, Josh must pull off a miracle to save a man who holds a a good deal of power and the woman who holds his heart.

..grabs the reader from the first paragraph. Its full of twists that will keep the reader guessing.
                                      Romantic Times Book Reviews (4 stars)

 In addition to the practice of medicine, my past includes a stint overseas in the US Air Force, several periods as an interim music minister, and an all-too-brief experience as a semi-pro baseball player. In other words, there’s more to me than “M.D.” covers. Let me share a little about myself.

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