Children’s Garden

IMG_4596  Serving with my children is something that I really wanted to make a normal part of our lives.  Not the occasional, it’s Christmas let’s go do something for someone.  More than that.

I want it to be a daily, weekly kind of thing, something that if we stopped everyone in the house would notice and ask what happened.


Well, I think we are there.  Mostly I thank the Children’s Garden in South Athens for this.  We started out agreeing to coming out there when we could.  That quickly became weekly, last year.  While we loved weekly, it was too much with homeschooling 4 kids, and normal 4-H stuff as well as Beach Club.  So this year we agreed to every other week – we have the A schedule and half the school comes out on those days and we get to teach 300 kids about the garden.  We love it!  Peter is teaching about Vermiposting, composting, parts of the plant, and everything else too!  Jacob and Eli take the kids around for their walk through the garden (as well as Peter) after the teaching part.


Anna helps by passing out samples of tomatoes from the garden, or walking around with something so everyone can see it close-up.

We really love teaching the kids, making friends with them, and building little relationships.  We are planting seeds if you will, seeds of learning and an interest in being outside.  We encourage them to try Kale as walk by and tear a leaf off – and guess what?  They do try it and most of them love Kale!!

But honestly, my favorite part is that this serving is what we do now.  No one grumbles – we load up and go.  We are out there for about 5 hours and while there is a short snack break, for the most part we are on our feet working and teaching the whole time.  I love that my kids have gotten so accustomed to this that it really is what we do.  It is who we are.

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