Soap Making 101

We had a blast yesterday with a new friend Rita!!  She recently purchased goat milk from me for soap making.  When she picked it up she kept encouraging me to make my own soap.  However, I feel like I have too many irons in the fire already and then to think about adding LYE to the mix made me crazy!!

Then, I made a point to notice all the goat milk soap for sale at many places we frequent.  It is everywhere!!  I did not want to start making something that I had to find a way to sell.  When a friend told my husband he wants us to start making soap so he can sell it at his stand that was the final nudge I needed!!

Here is my mom all safety-geared up!

So we trekked out to Winnsboor yesterday to learn how to make soap!  What fun we had and what a lot of soap we came home with!!  Now the hardest part, patience while we wait for it to cure.

We were all involved!!  Look at all that soap!!

We did get to take some already cured soap home and Anna quickly put it in her bathroom.  Every time I was by I can smell the wonderful scent wafting out!!  So much better than the normal boy-bathroom aroma that is usually there!!

So stay tuned as we embark on a new adventure!!!

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