Bells Hollow Hunt

This weekend I got away with my oldest son.


We sure needed to get away from the day to day, the sibling rivalry, and yes, even chores!!  During this season of life it seems we are at each other’s throat more than not.  I hear about these families that just love the “young adult” AKA Teen years, and I wonder if they medicate themselves or their teens, because while I love that he is old enough and mature enough to really talk to, I am not loving the fight for independence and the lack of respect.


This weekend was everything we needed though – not once did we argue!  We actually got along quite well, and Jacob was above and beyond helpful to me and others!  It was such a nice break of pace and to see the young man that Jacob is becoming!!

We enjoyed a quick stay at a ranch in Harper Texas, just outside Fredrickburg.  We stayed at Bells Hollow for a White Tail deer hunt.  While there the weather was terrible, but the fellowship was great and the hunting was spectacular!!

Here we are with Rexy our guide.

Jacob harvested a 5 1/2 year old doe, and an 18 month old spike.  We saw so many amazing bucks – and that was sure the highlight of the weekend.  Watching those graceful creatures walk around and eat from the feeders was really amazing.  I could sit in a blind and watch deer all day long.

The highlight of the weekend was the night Jacob harvested his buck.  After shooting him, the buck ran off.  Jacob and our guide Rexy followed his blood trail about 100 yards, but then came back because it was going to far away.  About 10pm that night we went back out with two other guides, and tried to find the trail and follow it the rest of the way.  The two men that joined us were very experienced trackers.  Jacob was so nervous before we started because he was afraid that his shot was terrible and that we might not find the deer.

After almost 2 hours of tracking, and lots of periods of nothing and frustration, Jacob and Paul crawled right by the deer.  Until they turned and saw him laying  under a tree.

Here we are after tracking this guy down at 11:45pm.

Jacob really learned so much about blood tracking in that 2 hour period, and I know he will never forget it.  It was so much fun watching Jacob go from knowing very little to being the one, at times, to find the next blood tracks.

Here is the group – hunters, parents and volunteers

Such a great weekend – and now we have meat for the freezer!!  And this boy also won a new rifle case and a knife!  Way to go!


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