Chores are a big deal around here.


It’s how we start our day.  For the past few months I have a helper but I do the milking.  A week or so ago though, my back was not good and the kids needed to milk.  Well, that task did not go so well and Robert insisted that the kids get to where they can do the milking instead of me.  So that has been our first task of 2016.


So far so good!!

I love that the boys can go out, work together and come back in with milk from our goats.


While they started grumbling about it, they seem to be rolling with this now and do not seem to mind!


So, 2016 already has yielded a success here!!

Meanwhile, all I want to do it make soap!! I love to make soap and I would make it all the time!!  But, at some point I do need to start selling it – and that is going to be SOON!!  I cannot wait to see how this opportunity turns out!!

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