Book Review : Mermaid Moon

I have enjoyed past novels by Colleen Coble and when Mermaid Moon popped up in my inbox to review I jumped at the chance.  Colleen writes  action packed novels with a bit of romance sprinkled in.  In Mermaid Moon, the setting is Maine, so I was even more excited to dig into this story!

Main character Mallory returns to her hometown in Maine following a strange phone call from her father.  Game Warden Kevin helps her investigate the strange circumstances surrounding her fathers phone call and death.  There is a great deal of suspense with this story, while trying to figure out who killed her father Mallory also needs to solve questions regarding her own past.

The characters in Mermaid Moon are the kind you want to know more!  Mallory also has a 14 year old daughter, and while at first I thought her character was a bit standoffish, I realized that Haylie is portrayed as a very typical 14 year old.  I even appreciated Haylie’s relationship with her mom and her role in the story, as I have my own 14 year old.  I really enjoyed Mallory’s best friend Carol as well, as she was not her own age, but a good bit older.  The dynamic these two characters had was a good reminder of why we should all have friends older and younger than we are!

I flew through this book in about a day, of course that particular day I was stuck in another town getting new tires put on.  Thanks to this book in my bag I spent the afternoon much happier than if I was just waiting for my car!!  The book helped the time fly by and I was mentally in my happy place : Maine!

I always enjoy books by Ms. Coble and the journey we get to go on while reading her stories!  The characters make you want to keep reading more or coming back, which is great since this is book 2 in a 3 book series!!

NOTE : I received a copy of Mermaid Moon in exchange for an honest review.

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