Working the Bees

We love that in Texas there are always days we can visit our bees!  It is best to go into a beehive on a sunny day, preferably in the 60’s.  In extreme cases you can peek in when it is colder to make sure everyone is ok, but the yuckier the weather, the more bees in the hive.  The more bees in the hive, the more protective they are and the more likely you will get stung!


Robert recently got a new hive from a shed in Tool!  Luckily the weather was good and the bees were plentiful!  He grabbed lots of honeycomb with honey and even with eggs!   While we are not sure if we have the queen we are sure the bees seem to be staying (for now).  So we recently took out a frame of honey from another healthy established hive to give to our new girls.IMG_5716IMG_5721

You can see below, there are lots of bees in this hive – about 4 full frames already!IMG_5722

You can see Jacob checking out the honeycomb that Robert has rubber banded in, the bees are working to attach it to the wooden frame.  So cool how resourceful these bees are!!IMG_5729

IMG_5731We are excited to have this new hive of hard workers with us, we hope they stay!  Meanwhile we will do all we can to help them!!

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