Book Review : Thin Ice

Irene Hannon has delivered another great novel with Thin Ice!


This story is about a young woman who has lost her parents and has just watched her sister’s house burn to the ground.  After dealing with her loss she receives a letter in the mail from her deceased sister.

This is the second book in the Men of Valor series, and this time Lance McGregor is the hero who helps Christy uncover the mystery surrounding her sister’s house fire and the suspicious letters.  In Buried Secrets, book #1 in this series,  we met Lance who is Mac’s brother, the hero in that story.

Thin Ice has a secondary story line of Nathan, or Neven, and his refuge grandmother.  Nathan is the antagonist who is terrorizing Christy and his grandmother, Mevlida, at the same time.  Irene Hannon takes us into the mind of a troubled man who cannot reconcile his past or the people who he thinks have caused him harm.  I really enjoyed seeing Mevlida’s character develop and see how the choices we make linger longer in our lives that we like sometimes.

Irene writes a fast paced novel, one you will not want to put down, with lots of twists and turns.  There is certainly suspense, drama and of course some very sweet romance.  If you are looking for a fast read, good book, characters you can really connect with – get this book and dive in!!

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