Beard Balm

Are you wondering what this little gem is?

IMG_6029Well, wonder no longer!  This is an amazing little balm that is for men.  They scoop a little out with their finger, rub their hands together and then work this into their beard.  The results?  The smell first is amazing!  I mixed in the following oils, for the following reasons: {following Grace’s recipe here}

orange – antiseptic, treats acne

cedarwood – treats acne, anti-fungal, astringent

lavender – treats acne, prevents itching, helps dry and fragile hair

cinnamon – astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal

frankincense – strengthens hair roots, astringent

This lovely product will help smooth out those whiskers as they grow and it will also offer some great nourishment to the skin and the hair!  This product is seriously a win-win!!

If you order some soap from me and mention *BeardBalm* I will throw in a sample for you to try!!

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