Storm Impact

Wow.  It has been a week at Milk & Honey Meadows!!


On tuesday about noon-ish as the rain hit our area, a tornado went through our property.  They have determined that is was in fact an EF0 tornado.  I did not need the confirmation, I knew it was a tornado that we watched go by.


We sought shelter in the hallway, and I was not sure we were going to still have our house standing once it was over, but we did!


The craziest part of the story is that my middle son was not in the house at the time, but I thought he was safely in the metal shop in the back.  Little did I know that he had gone out to put the calf back in the barn.  So, he was in the most dilapidated building on our property.  Had I known he was out there I am sure I would have been crazed!  Instead, we prayed that it would pass fast and that Peter would be safe in the shop.


When he made it in and told me he was in the barn the whole time I could not believe it!!  The best part, there was hardly any damage to that building, and I know it was because Peter was in there.  Seriously. I know that our prayers covered that boy and kept him safe.  Had he left the building he may not have made it since chicken coops were flying around as well as metal parts, roofs, tree limbs, etc.  He told us that the steer and heifer in the paster could hardly stand up.  It was crazy!!


But we all made it.  House is still standing.  There is damage for sure, but nothing that we cannot fix.  All the animals made it too and that was a huge blessing!!


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