Day 1

Yep.  It’s time.  My addiction to sugar is out of control.  We have been letting gluten creep back into our diets in little ways.  But mostly its the sugar!

So today is Day 1.  Whole 30 here we are and yeah!!

I hope to journal better through this, our 3rd whole 30.  We both need this.  Robert has not been losing any weight since before Christmas, and my jeans are getting tight.  So time to reset.

These first few days will be the worst, but having done this before we know what to expect and that it won’t be long before we feel amazing again!!

While so many people are taking supplements to feel good, we feel like managing our diets is the key component to feeling good.  We know this works.  We know medically this lifestyle rocks!!  Our cholesterol numbers were amazing after our Whole30 last year, our sugar numbers were great, and we were thinner, had more energy and overall knew life was better!

If you are confused about what the heck I am even talking about, here is a LINK to some great info.  Whole30 is a reset for your body.  You eliminate sugar, wheat/gluten of every kind and anything processed.  You eat whole real food for 30 days.  At first you are starving your body of the carbs and sugar that is LOVES oh so much.  But after about a week you will start to have more energy, feel better over all and if you are like Robert or me, you will lose some weight.  Weight loss was never my goal, getting my sugar addiction under control was, but I got back to my college weight on my last Whole30 and college was 20+ years ago!!  (at least that weight was :))

So, here we go!  Hope to share more info and our results in the next 30 days!!

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