Book Review : Pocket Prayers by Lucado

I just love getting to read and review books!!  I recently received a set of Pocket Prayers by Max Lucado.  These are awesome!!



This set includes:

  • Moms (great for Mother’s Day)


  • Dads (great for Father’s Day)


  • Graduates


  • Teachers


  • Military Life


  • Friends


So I have been able to pour over each of these books, and let me assure you they are amazing!!  We are all so busy today, and we all want a better/deeper prayer life.  These books are filled with short prayers that can really be read.  They are quick but powerful tools to help the reader connect with the Lord.

Each book contains 40 simple prayers that will guide the reader into a deeper dialogue with the Lord.  They are scripture based and divided into sections by topic.

I really loved these little books, when I read through the friends one, it just reminded me of some truths I needed to hear at the time as I was struggling with some friend issues.  As I read through the mom one, I was encouraged and reminded that I need to find time for peace in my daily routine.  And the Military one made me cry.  Just reminds me of the sacrifices our military makes very day.

So no matter who you are, you know someone who would benefit tremendously by at least one of these books!  I know that any mom friend would love the mom or the friend book.  The dad book would be a great father’s day gift for your hubby, your brother, or even your father.

NOTE : I received a copy of each of these books in exchange for an honest review!



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