Swarm Season

Swarm Season is upon us!  It is spring and the bees are exploding with new brood (babies), queens are laying up to 2000 eggs a day, and many wild and home hives are about to split!  If the beekeeper is not managing his bees just right, this is the perfect time for that hive to raise a new queen and then split and send the old queen out with half the bees from the hive.


So what does that mean for us?  For you?

Well, if you see bees, in a swarm, first take a deep breath.  A swarm of bees is the most docile group of bees you will ever see.  They are not aggressive at all because they do not have anything to protect, like honey.  Instead, they are with their queen, in the middle of that ball of bees, and they are waiting for word on where to go.  Scouts are out looking for a new home.  So, if you have a minute, just watch them.  They are cool!

swarm in tree

Second, call a beekeeper.  Beekeepers are really the only people who will properly handle the situation.  If anyone tells you to spray them, ignore them!!   IF you like to eat, spraying bees is a terrible idea!!  We need bees in order to get all the food we love (more on that in another post).  So do not spray, do not swat at them.  Just walk away and call a beekeeper.

Once you can call a beekeeper they will come out and relocate those bees.  They may put them in a box at their own property, or many beekeepers are happy to share bees with new beekeepers as well.

Typically the beekeeper(s) will arrive and don their protect gear.  They will then try to remove the bees in the least invasive way.  Sometimes, if all the bees are not taken part of the hive may return, but more times once they are removed they will be gone.

Whatever you do – PLEASE do not spray the bees with anything that will harm them!



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