Bee School

We had a great meeting this last Saturday at our house!


Everyone arrived with their bee suits, gloves and a few smokers!!  Robert demonstrated how to light the smoker and then let a few others attempt to light theirs.  Then we all donned our protective clothing and ventured into the Apiary (Bee Yard).


Robert was the most excited about this class!!  He has been in our bees pretty frequently this spring and had a lot he wanted to show these New-Bees!!


While in one hive, he noted the number of Queen Cells, so he decided that he wanted to split that hive.  In order to do this, you move brood (frames with babies of all stages), honey, pollen and a queen cell, or two.  Put this into a new bow, leave all the bees on the frames that were on them and close them up.  Then hope that they all stay, the queens hatch and all is right in the hive!


Anyway, it was a great morning.  Our students were able to spend a good amount of time in open hives, with bees flying around and seeing some great stuff!!IMG_6729

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