About a week ago I got to attending a Fermenting Class at Athen’s Organic!  Such a fun time we had as we sat around Mandy’s kitchen learning the history and the steps to fermenting!!

If you did not know, fermenting has been around a long time!!  Think pickles in Europe and kimchi in Asia!!  And did you know that fermented anything is super good for your gut?  Replaces all the good organisms in there and balances out the bad!!  So if you have not made it yet, you really should!!

Here are my notes from the class!  Hope you try this yourself  – I sure love it!!

Tools needed: Cutting Board, Sharp Knife, Microplane

Ingredients :


Sea Salt (or any non-iodized salt)

Distilled water




Cut up cabbage – you can shred big or fine, you can chop, or dice


Then put cabbage into a big bowl, sprinkle about 2 tsp salt all over and massage into the cabbage.  Set that aside

Next grate carrots, or slice or dice – up to you.

Mix those into the cabbage

(if you like spice you can add some dried chili peppers, or just the seeds)


Peel & separate garlic, then slice, or mince into mixture

Peel ginger & microplane grate it – you want about a tsp, but you can use more or less depending on how much you like ginger

Optional add ins : juniper berries, thyme, chili peppers, dill weed or seed or anything else that you want to add in

Start putting the mixture into a mason jar with a wide mouth


Tamp the vegetables down as you go, you want to push out the liquid from the vegetables to make your brine

You need to get the liquid over the top of the fermentation – you can put a cabbage leaf over the top to create a cover of sorts, but the liquid needs to cover that too.


Additional brine : 1 qt water to 1 T salt (non-iodized)

You can mix up a jar of brine to keep in the refrigerator to use during and after fermenting.

Make a label for your jar of what you put into it, and tape it onto the jar.


Write on the calendar when to move it to the refrigerator.

Leave it on the counter for 5-7 days (I have left mine for up to 3 months).  Put the jar into bowl so that as the liquid breathes and leaks out it will not make a mess.

Then refrigerate it.

It will last forever in the fridge as long as you have brine covering it.

Suggest you taste the mixture every couple of days so you know when you want to be done fermenting.

Here are two different mixtures – they each look unique!


Here are some pics of my latest concoction that is fermenting now – Kohlrabi, cabbage, fennel, carrots, & garlic


I diced my stuff a little chunky – we will see how we like it!


It was very dark green and looked gorgeous!!IMG_6873

And yes, I have a great little tool to help with the fermenting process, but this is certainly NOT necessary to make your own fermentation.IMG_6874


I cannot wait to try it out!!


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