Book Review : Song of Silence

Sometimes when things are tough, we feel isolated and alone.  We think that no one understands or that we are better off dealing with our issue alone and in our own way.


Cynthia Ruchti has written a beautiful book that is so deep and raw that it was almost hard for me to read parts of it.   The hard parts were more than necessary for the reader to really empathize with the main character Lucy.  As I kept reading, even though it was tough, it became so sweet and intimate.

There are so many ways that I can relate to Lucy in this story.  Lucy is a music teacher, a passionate one.  She loves her music, but even more she adores the students who’s lives she has touched for years through music!  When she is unexpectedly laid off she is thrown into turmoil on more than one level.  Learning to be home, and home with her retired husband at that!  Then her son moves back, with a new family and well, you get the picture.  Life.

Ms. Ruchti writes in a way that she grabs your heart and tugs.  She pulls you fully into her stories with her delightful characters and their real-life trials.

When I mention hard parts to read, if you are like me you will have a hard time when Lucy is reaching rock bottom.  When she feels like she has nothing, and you can see that that is not true.  However, maybe this was so hard because I can be like that too.  I can be surrounded by good, healthy opportunities but I close myself off to them to deal with my problems in my own way.  As she starts to learn to live again, as she connects with her new daughter-in-law, as her grandson teaches her and Charlie how to not take things for granted, you with smile.

This book is beautiful.  The characters were delightful in every way and as real as any I have read about and become acquainted with.

I highly recommend any book by Cynthia Ruchti, to include this one for sure.  She takes you on a journey, and while on that journey you might just see a different side of yourself while watching a lovely character’s story unfold!

NOTE: I received a copy of Song of Silence in exchange for an honest review.

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