Third time is a charm!

We have tried to breed our rabbits before, in fact twice she was bred but babies did not survive.  But yay!!  This time it worked, they survived and we have 5 bunnies, growing super fast!!

bitty babies – still hiding in their boxes


Momma, pulled out her hair and hauled a bunch of hay into her box to make a burrow.  The babies stay in there, snuggled with each other and under the hay and hair!


They have some hair, but not much and the eyes are still closed.

IMG_7419IMG_7415Here they are getting more hair – and round little bellies


We have 3 black ones and 2 whites – they are getting bigger and venturing out of the box now.IMG_7572 Super fun & super sweet!!

1 thought on “Third time is a charm!

  1. Years ago I had a young doe give birth to some babies.I went to check on them one morning and a snake ate the babies and smothered the doe by trying to swallow its head.

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