Table for 14

Holy Cow!!  We are about to have 14 people under my roof.  That’s right!  Kristen and her family are coming to visit for 3 nights!  We are so excited to see them, its been 2 years since we saw them last!!

However, feeding 14 is not a small task!!

So when I brought home a box (25lb) of peppers, I figured why not?


I looked up a Paleo Friendly recipe for stuffed peppers and whipped them up and froze them!!

First we grabbed some italian sausage, ground turkey, yellow squash, zucchini, onions and some canned tomatoes.  I browned up the meat, drained it, and while it was draining I sautéed the veggies.  I mixed them all together – in a big bowl, then added the jar of tomatoes.  I did use lots of seasoning.


Then I prepped the peppers.  I cut off the top and took out the seeds & ribs inside the peppers.  Then I boiled them for 3 minutes to get them a little softer and easier to eat.


Took them out and let them cool, and put them in my baking dishes so I knew how many would fit.


Then I filled and covered with foil and froze them.  They are going to be perfect on Wednesday after we spend the morning at the Arboretum playing outside!!IMG_7527I am not sharing a specific recipe, because honestly I would just wing it.  Plus not too many of you will be cooking for 4 adults and 10 kids anytime soon!!

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