Lighthouse Day

So, today we tried to get in three lighthouses, but only made it to two!  The second required a mile walk out and another mile back, so we are too tired to make it to the third for today.  We had fun though and found some great beach treasures!!IMG_8939

Peter at Marshall Point Lighthouse.IMG_8944

Anna on the rocks looking for sea glass and other treasures!IMG_8948

Now they all found tide pools and are looking for fun finds!IMG_8955

Looking in the rocks for sea glass!IMG_8960

Here we all are with Marshall Point behind us.IMG_8966

The two oldest boys.IMG_8973

Behind is the lighthouse keepers house, not used any more.  Beautiful coast line!IMG_8974

Here are the kids about to walk the breakwater in Rockland.  The walk is 1 mile on these huge granite boulders.IMG_8976

This is the mid-point of the walk – with 1 solid piece across.IMG_8977

Finally at the end – the light house itself.IMG_8979

Along the coast are the Camden Hills – Mt Battie is in there somewhere.  Again, just pretty.IMG_8982

Only 2 Lighthouses, but still a good day!  Had to head back to the point for happy hour snacks, sitting by the fire, and another wonderful meal!

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