Book Review : God Bless Us Everyone

One of my favorite things about reviewing books is getting a jump start on the Christmas Season!  I recently finished up God Bless Us Evryone, which is a sweet novel that takes place during the Christmas season.

Eva Marie Everson has written a contemporary  version of the Christmas Carol.  Her  characters are likable and easy to get to know.  Charlie finds herself back at home for an extended Christmas break when she is let go from her private school.  Charlie was a teacher in the drama department and quickly finds herself volunteering with her local high school, assisting her high school crush.  Dustin the school’s new drama teacher welcomes the help from Charlie while the two get reacquainted after both spent   years away from their hometown.

I particularly enjoyed Charlie’s grandmother who raised her, Sis.  Sis has loved Charlie and raised her well, but feels it is time for Charlie to come face to face with the cause of her bitterness, her father.   I appreciate the candor that Sis uses to confront Charlie, and encourage her to deal with her past and her pain.  Desiring to have her family unit together, Sis  nudges both father and daughter to take steps toward reconciliation with one another.

Sis, Charlie and Dustin are all very involved with the high school play, none other than Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol.  There are parts of the book that reflect the lessons in the book.

This is a sweet story and a very quick read.  A great book to get into the Christmas spirit.

NOTE : I received a copy of God Bless Us Everyone in exchange for an honest review.

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