Book Review : Storm

I thoroughly enjoyed reading & reviewing the book Thunder by Bonnie Calhoun in 2014.  Even my boys enjoyed the book and we waited anxiously for the next one.  Then we forgot.  Yep.  Crazy.  But with so many books flowing through our house we can forget about the ones we are waiting on.


So when I was offered book #3 of the Stone Braide series I grabbed it.  But it had been 2 years, so I went searching for Thunder to remind myself of the plot and characters.  After catching up, I had to go get book #2 – and I devoured that in about 2 days.  Then I dove right in to Storm and finished that one in about 2 days too.  I simply love this story line, I love the characters, I love all of it.

I really adore any books that I can share with my boys who love to devour a book as much as I do.  This story has the romance (but it is clean and safe) it has lots of action and drama and many suspenseful scenes!

I can honestly recommend the entire series for young adults readers and adults!  If you want to check out more about any of the books, check out Bonnie’s website!

So the plot line takes places in a dystopic society after the Final War.  In book 3 Selah and her band of friends and allies are on a mission to complete the Third Protocol, but the problem is that they really do not know what this means or how to do it.  Along the way they must rely on many unknowing helpers.  No matter what Selah remains hopeful and faithful while on the journey despite a number of setbacks.  I love the love and goodness she shares with so many people along the way that have never been treated as special or worth love.  It was such a picture of how we are all called to live, to love others unconditionally.

I loved the series!  I am so happy to pass along to my boys!

NOTE : I received Storm at no cost from Revell publishers.

As a compliment to her love for writing, Bonnie S. Calhoun had a natural progression into the marketing and advertising field. As the Director of the CFBA, she leads a contingency of 200+ book reviewers that do weekly blog tours. She is the Owner/Publisher of CFOM. The magazine is in its 8th year of monthly issues of columns by the best and brightest authors, publishers, and people in our industry.bonnie

The American Christian Fiction Writers has designated Bonnie as the Northeast Zone Director, where she lead the membership loop for New York, New Jersey, and the New England states.

Bonnie is an author member of International Thriller Writers, and an industry professional member.

Bonnie retired as a seamstress and clothing designer to write fulltime. “I love action adventure but it doesn’t make me happy unless there are body count, blood, and blowing things up. I play with mad skills at coding HTML and website design and live in a log cabin in the woods with fifteen acres, an old apple orchard, and a pond full of bass though I’d rather buy fish at the grocery store. I share my domain with a husband, and two cats who think I’m the waitstaff!”


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