Book Review : A Primary Decision

I loved reviewing A Powerful Secret so much that I even bought book 1 because I jumped into the Worthington series at Book #2.  So when book #3 popped up on my radar I was pretty excited to continue the story!!

A Primary Decision is a great read!  The pace is fast and the characters are amazing!  Some of my favorites because they are pretty complex and they are a great picture of a strong family.  I love books that tackle some hard family issues, real issues, and the characters stay committed and overcome the challenges.  This book does that!

The story is a political one.  The Worthington family has 3 children and is a “blue-blood” family that is politely and professionally motivated.  They are all high achievers that work hard and love hard.  They are completely committed to each other and to doing the right thing, which is a rarity in our world today.

This story continues with the mystery people pulling strings behind the scenes, the question of who the Polar Bear Bomber was, and what the next step is for the Worthington family.  If you have not read book #1 or #2, you will catch up quickly and keep pace just fine.  There are some unexpected twists and turns (at least for me) and it kept me in the book until I finished it!

I highly recommend A Primary Decision, or any of the books in the Worthington Series by Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit.  These are great books that are family friendly as well, books that I can safely pass along to my boys.  They would give a good introduction to politics of today as well as tell them a story of people with character.

NOTE : I received a copy of A Primary Decision as no cost.

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