Bee Keeping Classes

It is almost time to kick off our Beekeeping Classes for 2017!

Our family started these classes in 2016 and we are so excited to kick things off for 2017.

Here is what our class schedule looks like :

Class I:  (January)  Honey Bees 101 : Bee Biology; Equipment, Tools and Clothing; Apiary Location; Codes and Regulations; Honey Processing Houses; Beekeeping Products and Services

Class II:  (February)  Feeding your Bees; Foraging Plants for Bees

Class III:  (March)  Yearly Management of your Apiary; Assembling Boxes

Class IV:  (April)  Installation of Nucs and Packages

Class V: (May)  Brood & Adult Diseases; Parasites; IPM

Class VI: (June/July)  Honey Harvest!  You will learn by doing.  We will remove frames from our hives and then extract the honey in our Honey House.

Cost for the Beekeeper’s Series:  $200 per person for 6 classes, 18 hours of instruction.  There is a 50% discount for another person in your immediate family.  Please contact us for more information on Youth pricing & possible scholarship opprotunities.

A DEPOSIT of $50 will hold your place in the class.  You will be able to pay the remaining at the first class or work out a payment plan with Milk & Honey Meadows.

Who are we?

In 2010, we established Milk & Honey Meadows.  We have been teaching about beekeeping for four years all over Henderson County.  Robert and Jacob are Advanced Master Beekeepers, Peter is an Apprentice Master Beekeeper.   Janelle and Peter are Master Gardeners  in Henderson County and Jacob is a Master Gardener Intern, and the three of them are the brains behind the Beescape planning.

We currently manage over a dozen hives in multiple locations.  We manage the Observation Hive at the East Texas Arboretum for East Texas Beekeepers Association (ETBA), and help teach the public through summer workshops and talks.  We are members of HCBA (Henderson County Beekeepers Association), ETBA (East Texas Beekeepers Association), and  TBA (Texas Beekeepers Association).

While we do not know everything about beekeeping, we do know where to find the answers to any questions you may have.

We are so excited to have you join us for our Honey Bee School!

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