Review : Control Girl

I love to find a book that gets under my skin.  Just a little bit, if I am being honest.  I don’t want it to totally get all in my business, but one that makes me stop and think usually is one that sticks with me.

Control Girl by Shannon Popkin was one of those books that got under my skin, stepped on my toes – just enough to make me stop and really think.  I always knew that I had control issues, but it was not until I started reading this book that I realized the root of those issues and started to really dig into more of the root cause and ways to help change it.

Shannon Popkin writes from her heart, her writing is clear and easy to read.  I wanted to keep reading and reading, even though I needed to keep it slow to really let it sink in.  I enjoyed digging into different Bible characters while looking into the issue of needing to be in control.  So many women in the Bible had the same challenge, so I felt a little encouraged that this was not just something I dealt with.

This is a book that anyone would be able to dig into and relate with, whether the control person is you or someone you know well!!

NOTE : I receive Control Girl in exchange for an honest review.

There are even some awesome Resources!!!

How the Book is Arranged

This book is designed the book to work well, both for the individual, and for groups. (See a note to leaders.) Control Girl divides each chapter into “lessons”, which allow the reader on a time budget to engage a complete train of thought as she reads the chapters part-by-part. Each lesson begins with a correlating Bible passage, and ends with several application questions along with one truth from the lesson to meditate on. (Download FREE meditation cards here.)

There are nine chapters in the book:

  • 1 Path of a Control Girl
  • 2 Eve: It Looked Good to Me
  • 3 Sarah: It’s Up to Me
  • 4 Hagar: Out from Under Her Control
  • 5 Rebekah: Standing in for God
  • 6 Leah: Invisible and Unloved
  • 7 Rachel: When She Has More
  • 8 Miriam: Taking the Lead
  • 9 Control Girl to Jesus Girl

If you want to use the book for a group there is even a  FREE Discussion Guide  which will help draw your women into meaningful discussion centered on God’s Word, as you work through the book together.



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