Book Review : God Loves Mommy & Me

god loves mommy

While I realize that my children have outgrown books like God Loves Mommy & Me, I still wanted to get my hands on it, and check it out.  The day I received it, Anna and I laid down in my room and I read it out loud to her.  Yes, I know she is old enough to read her own books, but there is something sweet about sitting or cuddling and reading a book like this together.

{I have to say, that I have become sure of the fact that most children never outgrow their parents reading to them, this is validated by Sally Clarkson often.  Proof?  Eli and I just started reading A Wrinkle in Time with each other – out loud.}

This is a sweet book, well made, and delightfully illustrated.  It is a padded cover, and perfect for little ones to look at on their own.  This book is one that I would buy to give as a gift or if I had little ones still. 😦

The pages are thick cardboard and would even out up with a little teething, I suspect!  The writing is written in a way that children will memorize the sing-songy patterns on the pages and be able to “read” it to you before too long!  Besides, we can never reinforce too often where all the blessings in our life come from, and this book does just that.  A great reminder that God is the one that blesses our lives abundantly!!

It is a perfect spring book, or even a great Mother’s Day book for a new mommy!!


NOTE : I received a copy of God Loves Mommy and Me, at no cost.

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