Current Happenings

Well, life has kind of taken over for me, and blogging has taken a back seat.  Let’s see if I can’t get a handle on things and get this updated a little bit!!

For one, kitchen remodel 2017 is underway. Started about 10 weeks ago, or so?  At the same time we started remodeling Anna’s room, then moved the boys to the garage, and worked on getting Eli his own room.  Who does three to four remodel projects at one time?  Oh yeah, and adds another flower bed?  No one who is sane!  But for some reason I managed to start all these projects!!


Anna’s room remodel was awesome!   It was mostly done by her April birthday and she loved it!

The boys have moved to their garage “dorm room 1.0.”  They are loving their new space!!  Eli loves having his room to himself!!

The kitchen has been a huge process with tons of painting, more painting, and more painting.  But it is coming together slowly!

IMG_3737IMG_3738IMG_3742IMG_3745Maybe now that we are starting to wrap up our projects, I might have time to keep up the blog a bit more!  Maybe!

1 thought on “Current Happenings

  1. Hi!!If your not too busy,please make up another basket for my wife.Bring it to the next bee meeting ,please or drop itoff at Jennies if you come this way…Thank you.I assume you still have my credit card number,if not let me know and I’ll call you and give it too you.Susie loved the soap and goodies in the basket and I like the beard wax.Ben

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