Book Review : Fault Lines


Fault Lines is a novel by Thomas Locke (AKA Davis Bunn).  This is the third book is a series that goes beyond this book, and oh my!!  This book starts on page 1 and you will not want to put it down, even after it is over!

This is one of the fastest paced books I have read!!  I did not read the first two books in the series but feel like it is ok, I do not think I missed much, but I want to read them and plan to get my hands on them as soon as I can!!

I absolutely loved the characters, every one of them!  The main character Charlie Hazard is the perfect hero, selfless, competent, handsome and committed.  The heroine Gabriella is highly intelligent, sensitive and needs Charlie.  The two fit together perfectly, however little to no romance is in this story.

The main theme is psychology and it was very thought provoking!  I can’t go into too many details because there are so many twists and turns you just want to read it yourself!!  The book is clean and safe for young adults (teens) and I know my boys will love it, but I want to let them start at the beginning once I get the other two books.  There is a fourth due out, and you can bet that I will be reading that one too.

I have read other books by Thomas Locke including the Emissary and Merchant of Alyss – he is an author that we all enjoy, he writes amazing stories with strong characters and a page-turning plot!!

I HIGHLY recommend Fault Lines if you are looking for an amazing action story that you will not want to set down!!

NOTE : I received a copy of Fault Lines at no cost.

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