Book Review : Chasing Secrets



Chasing Secrets is the latest in the Elite Guardian series from Lynette Eason.  In the past I have shared my thoughts on Always Watching and Without Warning, two books in the series that I thoroughly enjoyed.  These books stand alone just fine, but they also weave together with overlapping characters as well.

I have enjoyed all the books by Lynette Eason.  She writes an action adventure story with some light romance.  In this particular story we get to know Haley Callaghan in depth, and find out that her history holds lots of secrets.  When Haley was a young girl her family was savagely attacked resulting in her nanny running with her, trying to keep her alive.  Fast forward to the adult woman, she has little memory of her life before she and her “mam” were on the run.

As a member of the Elite Guardians, a group of highly trained women who are hired as body guards to famous people, she constantly finds herself proving her worth.  Haley is very qualified to watch her back, but when people seem to be trying to kill her, she has to balance protecting others and protecting herself.  Haley is also a woman who is always watching out for others more than herself, and this quality endeared her to me.

I loved the story, the action and the drama parts of it.  This book, like all of Ms. Eason’s are great summer reads, they are fast paced and move along very well.  I always enjoy her stories, and even my teenage boys enjoy them.  Once again, a clean story with great moral lessons taught throughout.

NOTE: I received a copy of Chasing Secrets at no cost.

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