Day 1 is over, well sort of.


We headed off to Maine today (a couple weeks ago).  We made an orthodontist stop on our way, and when we realized we were early, we changed our hotel plans.  At the time I thought it was a great idea, get 2 hours further today, 2 hours less to drive the next day.

So after rerouting ourselves and driving through Memphis instead of stopping outside Little Rock, we spend 2 hours with the car off on I-40 because of an accident.  But you know what?  It gave us a chance to stretch our legs, read a book, and pray for the first responders and people in the accident.  Being stopped made me thankful that we were fine.

So after checking in about 8pm (instead of 6pm) we were bummed there was no pool, but really there was not much swimming time.  Instead we cooked out dinner (in the instant pot) and enjoyed some tv.



Whew.  Day 1 over.  1 Geocache logged.  And we will be ready for day #2 tomorrow and our first official College visit the next day!  yay!!

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