Texas Brigades (Jacob)

This is Jacob Cole, and I recently attended a leadership/conservation camp called the North Texas Buckskin Brigade. There are 6 different camps across the state of Texas: Bobwhite, Buckskin, Bass, Waterfowl, Coastal, And Ranch. Each Camp focuses on a different subject of Texas wildlife, their needs in a habitat, and their anatomy.  They also teach leadership skills, how to become a better public speaker, and how to work well in a team.

I have been to a brigades camp every summer for three years, and I have seen a difference in myself since that first year. I have been able to step up in larger areas, such as Serving as President on my county 4-H council, and helping teach at a local school garden. These skills have made me step up, and I have grown as a result.

I also learned about public speaking. During camp we learned about how to give radio and television interviews, and we practiced speaking in front of a group also. One of my favorite parts was the silver bullets. These are short quotes from famous people that are assigned to each cadet at the beginning of camp. They are memorized, then presented in front of the group, along with your name, where you are from, what it means to you, and your “war cry”. The latter is a practice in using  your diaphragm.

Every thing that the brigades has taught me has helped to make me a better leader, a better public speaker, and more knowledgeable about animals. If you are interested in wildlife, or you know someone who is interested in wildlife, then visit their website at http://www.texasbrigades.org.

Group Ethics Discussions

buckskin ethics

A chance to use Public Speaking Skills too

buckskin ethics and public speaking

Out in the field doing Plant ID

buckskin field work

Project Time: Thank you Notes

buckskin projects

Giving my Silver Bullet


Winning Award of Top Cadet at Buckskin 



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