Book Review : The Christmas Blessing

I always enjoy getting my hands on Christmas books in late summer, kind of taste of things to come!!  I enjoyed reading The Christmas Blessing by Melody Carlson.  I have enjoyed reading and reviewing other Christmas novels by Ms. Carlson in the past, and this sweet book was a joy! {The Christmas Pony, The Christmas Shoppe and A Simple Christmas Wish}


The setting is World War II, when a young woman, Amelia,  finds herself in a bit of trouble and is hoping to find a better life for her tiny baby.  Her baby’s paternal grandparents don’t have a warm and inviting reputation but Amelia preservers past the rumors to do what she feels is the right thing.  I loved the sweetness of Amelia Richardson from the first page, and seeing her face struggles is hard, but seeing her courage shines through offers hope!

Ms. Carlson’s novels always take you on a sweet journey into another place with some of the most intriguing characters!  So often the way a person is perceived is not even close to who they are.  The Christmas Blessing goes pretty far to show us just that.

Ms. Carlson’s books always make great gifts for under the tree, or a inspiring read during the Christmas season!

NOTE : I received an ebook at no cost.

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