Brigades (by Peter)

Buck-ees 2 007This is Peter Cole and I recently attended a leadership/conservation camp called the North Texas Buckskin Brigade.

Buckskin Brigade Logo

There are eight different Brigades around the state: Rolling Plains Bobwhite, South Texas Bobwhite, North Texas Buckskin, South Texas Buckskin, Coastal, Bass, Waterfowl, and Ranch. Each brigade focuses on a different subject of Texas wildlife, their needs in a habitat, and their anatomy. They also teach leadership skills, how to be a better public speaker, and how to work together with a team.
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For the past two years I have attended the Texas Brigades. When I turned thirteen I started by going to the Bobwhite Brigade. This year I was able to attend the North Texas Buckskin Brigade, and went back to the Bobwhite brigade in  a leadership position. One thing that is stressed at brigades, other than wildlife, is public speaking.

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At every brigade there are four main ways that we learn public speaking. By power point presentations, silver bullets, mock radio, and TV interviews. Today I will write about the first two.

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The first way they teach public speaking is by assigning all of the groups a power point presentation. The presentation has a slide for every single thing that we learn while at the camp. Each cadet gets to pick two slides, so they present on something that they liked to learn. On the last day each group gives their presentation, and each presentation is judged to help determine the top group.

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The Silver bullet is another way that they teach public speaking. The very first day Every cadet, Assistant leader, and group leader is assigned a silver bullet. A silver bullet is a inspirational quote that is sometimes by a famous person. The individual gets up, introduces themselves, and says their silver bullet. They finish by saying what it means to them, and giving their best war cry. The war cry is in place to help the cadet to learn to speak using their diaphragm helping them speak louder.

Buck-ees 4 45

The last way that way that we practice and learn public speaking is by doing mock TV and radio interviews. One activity we do involves the  instructors impersonating a TV host and  asking us questions while we answer them. This way we learn proper TV etiquette, and some questions that may be asked.

More details are here : Texas Brigades 2018 Camp FlierTexas Brigades Logo-Bar

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