Beekeeping Classes



As summer is winding down, it is time to start thinking about taking Beekeeping classes starting January and adding bees too your own place!!


We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching beekeeping classes at our place the past two years!  It is a family affair as our oldest 2 boys Jacob and Peter help teach.

IMG_2497Jacob is an Advanced Master Beekeeper and Peter is an Apprentice Master Beekeeper, while my husband is also an Advanced Master Beekeeper.


Both boys are East Texas Beekeeper Association Ambassadors as well – they speak all over East Texas about the Honey Bee, so they have a little experience under their belts!


I try to help out as well, and Jacob, Peter and I are all Master Gardeners in Henderson County.  So somehow all that makes us a little qualified to share about bees and plants that help the bees out!


We start classes in the classroom with the anatomy of the bee and finish up in the classroom extracting honey in June.

IMG_3100In between we spend a number of classes in the bee yard going into hives, identifying queens and pests.


Our classes go into a lot of detail about how to manage your own bees, what to look for and how to help keep your hives as strong as possible!

Through our class you can order everything from suit & gloves, to boxes and bees!


If you have any questions about taking classes with us, please feel free to email us at

bwbeeschool 2017_0001bwbeeschool 2017_0002

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