Book Review : Vanishing Point

Lisa Harris has delivered a thriller in Vanishing Point.  This book complements the Nikki Boyd series in that we get to go back to the loss of Nikki’s sister and see what led her to the career change from teacher to the Tennessee Missing Persons Task Force.  (See reviews of Vendetta and  Missing from the Nikki Boyd Files)

Vanishing Point resize.indd

Vanishing Point starts out in 2004 when someone is killing young women in a serial killer style.  The book takes the reader through 2006 and into “present day” trying to solve the previous murders and stop the spree before another young woman goes missing.

Vanishing Point is very fast paced, and while the story takes you to the edge, there are few details regarding the murder, keeping the story mostly mild.

The main character in the story is Jordan Lambert who comes back to Tennessee from her job in the FBI to work with the local authorities.  Jordan is from Tennessee and immediately is back in touch with her former finance, a fellow police officer, Garrett.  Garrett and Jordan reestablish their friendship and realize they still have feelings for one another.

I enjoyed how Lisa allowed the reader to follow along with this re-budding romance as well as chasing the killer.  I always enjoy Lisa’s novels and this time I really appreciated how she went back to explain the backstory to Nikki Boyd.

NOTE: I received a copy of Vanishing Point in exchange for any honest review.

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